I help companies and organizations improve the performance of their digital marketing strategies.


Creating unique and effective connections

Reach millions of people every month, sell your products around the world, generate quality connections with your customers. Whatever your goal is, it can be achieved.

Web design & development

Crafting distinctive and impactful online experiences

Crafting immersive digital experiences through innovative web design & development, shaping tomorrow's online landscape one pixel at a time.

Email Marketing

Forge meaningful connections with your audience today.

Unlock the power of email marketing to captivate your audience, drive engagement, and achieve your business goals effortlessly. Your brand will stand out in every inbox.


Start maximizing your online potential with our SEO strategies

Harness the power of organic search to boost your visibility, drive targeted traffic, and dominate search engine rankings. Let me optimize your digital footprint and propel your business to the top.

Image of Álvaro Blanco, digital marketing expert in a travel to Sweden.

Who I am?

I am a digital marketing expert based in Madrid, Spain, focused on creating strategies and experiences that conquer the user, but beyond my professional identity lies a rich tapestry of passions, hobbies, and personal pursuits that shape the multidimensional essence of who I am.


Google Ads Search

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AI-Powered Performance Ads Certification

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Google Ads - Measurement Certification

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Semrush SEO Crash Course

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How a Display Network Works

A display network is an online advertising platform that enables advertisers to showcase visual ads, such as images, videos, and graphic banners, across websites and…